Our formula:
mother dough

Bite into traditions and you will discover new flavors.

BABA-LAB is the taste project that combines tradition, collaboration and the search for goodness, making you savor tradition by rediscovering new flavors.

We like to choose good quality ingredients from local producers, but we also want to offer you a pinch of our international experience that has made us discover excellent recipes.

Simple ingredients but flavorful.

With our “White Art” we love to travel the world; an adventure between clouds of flour and bread crumbs that will lead you to taste international products such as:
french baguette
french rye bread
shokupan (japanese milkbread)
challah (jewish bread)
New York bagels

And also of course our traditional naturally leavened products such as:
country bread
ciabattona with mother dough
piedmontese biova
roman style focaccias
genoese style focaccia
and much more…

Leavened products with SEASONAL produce, in large and small sizes, baked pastries such as quick breads, cakes, and a variety of cookies.

48 hours of leavening to be devoured in a second

We mainly use mother dough, stone-ground organic flours and regional ingredients from certified supply chains, collaborating as much as possible with local producers such as Molino Sobrino, Molino Mariani, Caseificio Fiandino…